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Utah Master Esthetics Making History
FACE TO FACE  Skin Inc. with Ruth Ann Holloway and the Master Esthetics Licensing Act

The Master Esthetic License set a new standard for education and respect in the United States for those performing professional skin therapies.  Other States have used the Utah Master Esthetic License as a model for their states to progress the field of professional skin care, and have consulted with RuthAnn to have a more progressive scope of practice in their state. 

RuthAnn Holloway conceived the title of  "Master Esthetician", as well as the "two tier" licensure guidelines for Master Esthetician and Esthetician for Utah's two tier license.  She presented the title and scope of practice to am organized group of estheticians in a meeting held at Phytomer Inc, Utah - USA.  She then presented it to both the committees of estheticians and cosmetologists, and it was unanimously accepted. (see Skin Inc. Article link below) 

The task then lay for the licensing to be written for presentation to Utah Legislation.  RuthAnn was asked to write and define the Master Esthetic and Esthetic scopes of practice and drafted the legal scope of practice for the Master Esthetic (1,200 hours) and Esthetic (600 hours) profession's in the State of Utah. Both licenses passed as HB 105, and was signed into law on April 18, 2001 by Governor Michael O. Leavitt. 

For the two tier Master Esthetic and Esthetic licensing to succeed she worked with other professionals who attended meetings, gave suggestions, and met with other licensing boards. To these individuals, she gives most sincere Thanks and Gratitude! 


The Master Esthetic scope of practice in Utah raised the bar by setting a higher standard for the esthetic industry in the United States, thus paving the way for other states to follow!  


Please be aware that there are a few "copy cats" in the esthetic field who say they are licensed "Master Estheticians" but do not have actual state licensure in advanced Master Esthetics. 

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Ruth Ann Holloway Master Esthetic Bill signing at Utah State Capitol 
Governor Mike O. Leavitt signing HB 105, the first Master Esthetic, and Esthetic License. Ruth Ann Holloway, far right.
The Esthetic Exam: RuthAnn Holloway, under direction and Office of Governor Mile O. Leavitt, was given the task to create and write the Master Esthetic and Esthetic exams. In doing so, she delegated topics of education to other qualified Master Estheticians,  and considered their individual strengths and expertise for each area of education. Many meetings later, working together as a cohesive team, with RuthAnn reviewing the various topics, the exam was created.  RuthAnn was then sent by Utah DOPL (Dept. of Licensing) to work with Experior Testing to make it a legally defensible exam."  ~Ruth Ann Holloway
Ruth Ann Holloway Master Esthetician signing of laser bill Utah State Capitol Governor Huntsman
Legislative Session 2009 House Bill 356 was signed by Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr.
Laser Laws for Aesthetic Industry, Utah DOPL.   RuthAnn Holloway, right.
"Serving the State of Utah as the First State Master Esthetician on the Board of Licensing, for eight years, I witnessed the expansion and growth of the esthetic professions. I love serving within this industry!"      RuthAnn Holloway, Lic. Master Aesthetician, L.M.T., N.T., M.E.,  State of Utah DOPL Board, State Master Esthetician 2001-2009, Emeritus 

 About RuthAnn Holloway: http://www.ddskintherapy.com/page/page/1214371.htm

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