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Ruth Ann Holloway

" If you love something, it gives up it secrets to you! " 

Hello, I'm Ruth Ann Holloway.  I am a Utah Licensed Master Aesthetician since 2001, who is passionate about the difference non-surgical cosmetic treatments can make to men and women.  

As the owner of Dermal Dimensions™ Progressive Skin Therapy™ I know you are looking for the secrets to beautiful, healthy skin. My passion is skin therapies - young skin care & acne care -  that work! I want you to have "Beautiful Skin for a Lifetime!" I tirelessly pursue the latest equipment, techniques, and services for your benefit.                                                                                                                                                       

I suffered from grade IV cystic acne, as a teen - and adult. I used every medication, skin treatment, and skin care cosmetics available. Being an acne sufferer as a teen and adult, gave me personal determination to have not only great skin, but beautiful skin!


"Ruth Ann is so exceptionally good at what she does. There is no one else in Cache Valley Utah with her expertise, no one who does the lovely works she does, in the clean and beautiful surroundings of her treatment room." (S. C. client of over 15+ years)


Setting Professional Standards

Ruth Ann conceived the title of Master Esthetician, and created the concept of a two tier esthetic license for Utah's licensure in skin therapies.  A licensed Master Esthetician (Aesthetician) is an advanced level of education requiring 1,200 hours of study in theory, and practical application setting a higher standard in the United States.

RuthAnn was a mastermind with a group of persistent aesthetic professionals, many trained in Europe with Cidesco education, to pass Utah State House Bill 105. The license for the legal title "Master Esthetician" in Utah was a United States, and international, Esthetic industry first, leading other states to set higher standards.*  


Ruth Ann Holloway Esthetic House Bill 105 Utah Capitol

As a leading advocate for skin therapists licensure, RuthAnn outlined and wrote the legal scope of practice for the Utah two-tiered Master Esthetician, and Esthetician License -Utah House Bill 105- which passed in 2001, an industry first.

Governor Michael O. Leavett appointed Ms. Holloway as the first Licensed Master Aesthetician on the State Board of Licensing, representing Master Esthetics.  This set a higher standard Nationwide for public safety in professional skin therapies.

 Ruth Ann Holloway_with Govenor Huntsman Utah Capitol

photo: Ruth Ann Holloway and Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr. March 2007, at the Utah State Capitol

In 2005 Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr. assigned her to serve the State of Utah on the Board of  Licensing for another four years, a total of eight years, as the Utah State Board Master Esthetician for esthetics.  She continues to work for esthetic advancement in Utah and Nationally. In January of 2011 she worked as a leader on a legislative task team to protect the esthetic industry in Utah against bills that would have seriously damaged the progressive esthetic fields in Utah.


Ruth Ann Holloway_Governor Huntsman

In 2012 she participated in the process of the Utah Cosmetic Medical Procedures Bill for safe use of Laser, Radio Frequency, Intense Pulse Light, and Lipolydic treatments. 

*Other states such as Virginia, Oregon, Washington State, California, Washington DC, Florida, and Nevada, have consulted with Ms. Holloway to adopt the two-tier Master and Esthetic licenses; many have enacted the two tiered license for their state. 



Ruth Ann Holloway was elected to serve as the NIC Esthetic Chair woman over the Esthetics industry nationally for the United States, from 2007-2008 .

(NIC - National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology, is composed of licensing boards of cosmetology in all fifty states and U.S.A. territories)     


Ruth Ann Holloway article Skin Inc. Magazine:  http://www.ddskintherapy.com/page/page/4647766.htm


Ruth Ann Holloway article Cache Valley Family Magazine: http://cachevalleyfamilymagazine.com/true-beauty-just-around-corner/


Ruth Ann Holloway served as the first State of Utah Master Esthetician on the Board of Licensing (DOPL) for eight consecutive years from July 2001 to July 2009.

She served as the U.S. National Esthetic Chair for the National Interstate Council of Boards (NIC) in 2008.  She currently serves as the Director of the Transend Master Mind Group, as well as running her skin care business.

Ruth Ann Holloway Utah Capitol

State of Utah Licenses are:  

Master Esthetician / Esthetic Instructor

 Lymphatic Massage Therapist

Nail Technologist

As an award winning leading esthetic skin professional with over thrity years experience, she has been interviewed on T.V.,  has represented skin care education as well product education. She continues to promote the need for advanced esthetic education.

She has been involved with Esthetic and Dermatologic Publications, contributing to eleven esthetic text book publications. She is a sought after educator and lecturer and is often a guest speaker at Esthetic / Paramedical Congresses. 

Article: https://cachevalleyfamilymagazine.com/true-beauty-just-around-corner/

 Ruth Ann Holloway has received varying diplomas in Esthetic skin therapies, and was awarded "Esthetician of Success." by The International Esthetic Association.

Ruth Ann Holloway has done consulting and marketing for private companies for over 30 years in the cosmetic and esthetic industry. 

 RuthAnn has taught esthetics internationally in Malaysia. She enjoyed teaching other professionals the benefits of Advanced Chemical and Vitamin Skin Peels.

(Summer 2007) Ruth Ann Holloway teaching esthetic chemical peels Malaysia






Working with top leading research scientist,  natural cutting edge products and treatments are created especially for Dermal Dimensions, which dramatically improve the skin’s appearance.

Medical Community: Her affiliation in working with several plastic surgeons and dermatologists, she has gained experience from the best, and is grateful for these valuable experiences.  



Nature...pure, and refining!

Leading edge skin care backed by nature and science, VitaDermRx™  at Dermal Dimension Skin Clinic

Purified Skin, from the inside out, is glowing skin! Essential Oils, plant extracts, and botanical essences are used in many of the products during clinical  skin therapies and faicals, as well as the products you'll use for home use. Each product has been carefully selected, blended, and created to assure quality, purity, and purpose.


 Ruth Ann Holloway has performed thousands of skin therapy facials and treatments: 

She specializes in helping those with acne - of all ages, premature aging skin, and mature skin.  A sample of therapies offered:

  • Advanced Microdermabrasion
  • HydraFacial
  • HydraDermabrasion
  • Chemical Peels
  • Doctor Schrammek Herbal Green Peel™ 
  • Dermal Light Therapy
  • Ultrasonic Micro-Peel 
  • IPL Therapy (Intense Pulsed Light
  • RF Radio Frequency
  • ...and more

Ruth Ann Holloway in her personal life: She loves her professional endeavors, however she has a real love for camping, and enjoying nature in all it's splendor! She loves bunnies and always has two or three as pets.  In her spare time she enjoys art in stained glass, water-color painting, sewing, concerts, plays, camping, and home decor. 
Civic: RuthAnn served her City of Providence, as a member on the Planning and Zoning Commission for one term.

"For a Lifetime of Healthy Skin!" 


 Providence, Utah

 ...just south of Logan Utah * Cache County ~ In the Beautiful Rocky Mountains!


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Medical Esthetic facial treatments may require indirect supervision of our Physician, Dr. Lori Welter.


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For reference only: Dermal Dimensions is not a Medical Dermatology or Plastic Surgeons office for the care skin diseases or surgery. We offer Advanced Skin and Facial Care rejuvenation for acne, scarring, aging, and photo-damaged skin. When needed we refer patients to Budge Clinic,   Dr. Nathan Hansen,  Dr. Kelly Hubbard, and Dr. Cort McCaughey. Dr. Robert Young~ Rocky Mountain Dermatology, Dr. Blaine Andersen – Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Casey Isom – Plastic Surgeon.