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ReStructure Collagen is the supplement everyone is talking about


Collagen is the most abundant protein in your skin and body.  It is the building block for healthy cells and tissues, for skin, hair, and nails, as well as organs, healthy bones, connective tissue, tendons, and joints. 

Not all collagen supplements are the same!  This is especially true of ReStructure Collagen Type I dietary supplement. Start today and experience the difference for yourself. 

 Supplementing your body's level with ReStructure Collagen Type I, you may experience improved overall health, as well as a more radiant youthful skin and tone, with thicker stronger hair and nails.                              

ReSTRUCTURE brand collagen comes from marine sources.  It does not contain "land" animal collagen, which often times is contaminated with hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides . 


  • Benefits skin health, helping smooth fine lines and wrinkles, while adding a soft supple youthful glow.
  • Helps you have healthier hair, fuller with less breakage.
  • Helps build and strengthen bones, teeth, and nails.
  • Assists the body with healing of connective tissue injury.
  • Assists in building stronger muscles, ligaments, and tendons
  • Supports overall good digestive health.


"This collagen has helped my knees from hurting, my skin is smoother, my hair is thicker, small veins on my ankles are 50% less, I heal faster, and I will never stop taking ReStructure Type I  Collagen!  It delivered results when others failed. " RuthAnn Holloway, Master Aesthetician. 


Photo at left. RuthAnn Holloway, 2020, at age 60. No botox, no fillers, no laser, etc.  She treats her skin with the same treatment therapies she offers her clients. She takes ReStructure Collagen every day. 

Our beautiful prima ballerina, former Mrs. Cache Valley, UT, Becky Erickson, uses ReStructure Collagen for quick recovery, agility, and strength.  And she has beautiful skin too 



$45.99 | Bottle | 90 Tablets (smooth) | 3 per day recommended. 


Proudly produced in USA. To purchase contact RuthAnn Holloway via email at  ddskintherapy@gmail.com 






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