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Driving Directions: Travel to Providence City, about 4 miles south of the Logan City Center, Utah.

Travel to the intersection where the Maceys Food Store is - 100 N.  and Main Street. This intersection has a four way light. Travel East past Theater 8 and the business district, and continue to 100 East - there is no stop sign. On your left is an LDS chapel, on your right is Providence Elementary School. Turn Right on 100 East;  you'll now be traveling South.

At about 400 South you'll be going up a hill. At the top of the hill, the road curves left, putting you on Canyon Road, now traveling East. Slow down and travel east two blocks. On the South (right) is a new LDS chapel. Turn North (left) directly across the street from the chapel on the street marked 225 East. The office is on the second building on the right...look for the flag pole.

Please park on the asphalt drive, or just before the drive. Please do not park within 15 ft. of a mail box.

The office is on the front entry. There is a door on the left with a sign that says "Dermal Dimensions".

By clicking  the link below, you'll be taken to map finder.  On the map is a zoom '+' or zoom '-' .  By clicking on zoom '-',  you'll  be able to  see  how to drive to the office from Logan City (Utah) and Cache Valley streets.



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Providence, Utah

...just south of Logan City, Utah * Cache County

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Cache Valley

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