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Here are some common questions / answers about chemical peels and the benefits.

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Which Chemical Peel is right for you?

Or...would you prefer an all natural skin herbal rejuvenation?


Hyperpigmentation, skin texture, and color, improvement one peel. Dermal Dimensions Client

Photo-Damage, fine lines, discoloration, skin firmness improved.  Dermal Dimensions Client


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What is a "Chemical or Acid" peel?

Peeling and resurfacing solutions have been used for literally thousands of years. People of different cultures have long used different fruits to create natural resurfacing therapies, such as with grapes and citrus. We have come out of the garden and into the laboratory to refine and produce some fo the most pure concentrated acid components available. Due to modern technology the natural substances from nature have gone through a carefull process to extract parts of the herbs, plants, etc,. to develope new solutions, where there is better control to the depth and therefore better results. For example, lactic acid comes from milk. But just putting sour milk on your skin will not have the same effect as a controlled "professional Peel" with a concentrated Lactic Acid Peel a the proper concentration for your type of skin and skin condition!

Many of the chemicals come from nature and are refined. The most common used are Glycolic Acid - which comes from sugar cane; Lactic Acid, which comes from milk; Salicylic which comes from willow bark, and so on. 

There are many types of "chemical and acid peels" performed in the aesthetic field, varying in chemical composition, combinationand, and strength. The purpose of the peel is to "resurface" the upper layers of the skin, allowing it to have a more uniform, even toned, and smooth texture.

With the correct chemical peel procedures performed, years of sun damage can begin to show signs of age reversal, showing a more youthful appearance. Acne treatments are compounded acids which help clear acne, thus reducing pore impaction (blackheads, and pustules) as well as improved color and texture.

Professional expertise should always be your first consideration when having chemical procedures performed.

What type of chemical peels do you offer?

Dermal Dimension Progressive Skin Therapy works with pharmaceutical labs that have created basic, to custom proprietary peels for use in the clinic. There are several different chemical peels offered, ranging from Alpha Hydroxy, Alpha Hydroxy Blends, Beta Hydroxy, Mandelic, Reveal Illunize Peel, Paramedical Peel, Reveal Resorcinol Retinol Peel, Wine Peel, Trichloroacetic Acid 3 Phase Blended Peel, Modified Bakers, and several others. 

Each chemical composition is known to help specific skin conditions such as acne, discoloration problems, wrinkles, and sun damage. Your treatment will be selected each time according to your skins needs. Ruth Ann Holloway has received medical training in order to perform the more advanced peels, and has performed thousands of successful peels.


What are the benefits?

Beautiful Skin Can Be Yours

Peeling agents can give the following benefits:

  • Improvement in Skin Texture and overall Rejuvenation
  • Decreased Sun Damage
  • Improved Softening of Wrinkle Lines
  • New Collagen is formed promoting firmer skin
  • Decreased Comedone (Blackheads)
  • Improvement in Discoloration (hyper-pigmentation)
  • Acne Control and Clarity of skin

Will Chemical Peels make my skin age faster?

There is a myth abounding that chemical peels will actually cause aging and promote wrinkling of the skin. Lets separate the FACTS from FICTION. Beacuse of the wide variety of peels, a great deal of misinformation has been given about the proceses and after-care-results. In order to promote their own products and treatments some companies promote an "all natural alternative", and even some cosmetologists and estheticians, falsely represent the short term, and greater long term benefits of properly performed chemical peels.  (A note from Ruth Ann Holloway,PMAE, LMT:  I have had chemical peels performed on my skin for 40+ years. This web site shows several photos of my skin.)  Should you feel more comfortable with an all Natural herbal peel - please click on the link for the Doctors Herbal Green Peel on this sitehttp://www.ddskintherapy.com/page/page/1326590.htm

What is a Paramedical Peel?

 A Paramedical Peel is a proprietary blend of three acids. This type of peel is helpful for coloration problems, such as melasma, the mask of pregnancy, and some types of pigmented scars. This peel leaves your face mildly red for a day or two. Clients typically return back to work the same day with make-up over the treated skin.   Beautiful results can be acieved.  Please refer to Photo Gallery to see examples: http://www.ddskintherapy.com/page/page/1233258.htm

What is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane. Glycolic has one of the smallest molecular sizes. This natural sugar acid penetrates through the skin and stimulates the collagen to rejuvenate and remodel. It also allows the surface of the skin to have a more lustrous youthful appearance. Therefore, glycolic acids are widely utilized because they effect both the surface of the skin and the collagen underneath. Ruth Ann Holloway selects only the very highest chemical compositions from reputable labs to use in the treatment room.

The strength of glycolic acid used in treatment depends on the clients skin condition, and desired results within a reasonable time frame. Typically a number of initial glycolic peels are performed over a period of several weeks. These are called "lunch time" peels. The skin may be a light pink color the day of the peel, however by the next day, your skin is back to normal.

Studies have shown that multiple glycolic peels of the proper clinical strength and pH, over a period of time will be as effective as a much heavier, higher risk medical peel, without the unwanted side effects. Therefore, the multiple glycolic acid peels are very popular. These peels are quite effective and definitely enhance appearance.

What is the treatment like?

The treatment you’ll receive at Dermal Dimensions™ clinic is not like a "home party" facial. This is a professional service and you will understand the treatment before it is performed.   Your treatment is performed while you recline on a massage table. Your skin will be analyzed, professionally cleansed, treated, conditioned, and protected.

Are there skin types that cannot have chemical peels?

Chemical peels are made from various peeling agent chemicals, solutions, dilutions, and strengths.  The chemical peel your friend might have, may not be suited for your skin.  This is true in families as well. Some family members may tolerate stronger chemical therapies, while one person in the family cannot.

Those treated with Accutaine for Acne cannot have chemical peels for several months following Accutaine therapy.

Ruth Ann Holloway has performed thousands of chemical peels, on thousands of skin "types", as she believes there is only one true skin "type", and it is "yours!".  She carefully examines your skin to select the proper chemical, solution, dilution, and strength for your skins special needs.

Is there healing time involved?

The skin does go through some changes, and anything that would be considered 'healing' time is usually within a few days. Skin color may be pink for the day of the treatment and possibly the next depending on the treatment performed. With some of the stronger treatments the skin may go through a flaking or peeling for a day or two. The skin is then left with a luminous and smoother appearance.

Does the skin really "peel"?

Please note Dermal Dimensions Progressive Skin Therapy is making a distinction between peeling and resurfacing as many consumers are misled by the "peeling" title and assume that peeling will always occur, when in some cases the product has resurfaced the skin and has no "peeling" perceived by the client. In the case with Dermal Dimensions Progressive Skin Therapy the objective is to work with each individual client and use the procedures available to provide a professional program for the client.

Will I need anaesthesia?

No. Even the strongest treatments performed at Dermal Dimensions™ clinic are performed without anesthesia.  The main sensation experienced is that of "heat" and can be taken care after the peel is perfomed.

What are the possible side affects?

There is very little risk involved with a series of light aesthetic peels when performed properly and under correct conditions and care.  Depending on the chemical used, there may be some tightness to the skin and possible flaking, which would only last a day or two.  The skin will then be fresher and smoother.

What results can I expect from chemical peels?

There are many factors which determine results.  Usually the skin will appear more youthful, firm, fine lines diminish, discoloration lightens or is removed, and acne clears and heals faster.  With correct home care, and commitment, positive results are more than just possible.

How many treatments will I need?

This question has no definate answer.  There are a lucky few individuals who were born with beautiful skin. For the rest of us, dedication and proper maintence is the answer.  Your treatment plan will be discussed with you, and can be adapted to meet your individual needs and goals.

"For a lifetime of Healthy Skin!"

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