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"I have been going to Ruth Ann Holloway for acne scarring since April of 2017 and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to beautify his/her skin. Since the moment I walked into her office, Ruth Ann was very personable and genuine. Definitely will keep going back! -L.C."


Micro-IPL Phototherapy is an effective treatment for inflammatory acne, using intense light and heat energy.  

FDA Approved. 


  "…Not only are acne patients responding, but they are remaining clear during the follow-up period, which is three months so far. And they are doing well during these three months. Although the final numbers are not in, it appears that we are clearing between 50% to 60% of the really bad acne.”  Michael Gold M.D.             


After 5 Treatments

Now an acne treatment solution! 

Acne-Phototherapy...HOW DOES IT WORK? 

Light is drawn to the melanin in skin surrounding the follicle.
Acne Photo Therapy clears acne safely and effectively with a series treatments. The green-blue wavelength light penetrates deep into the skin to cause an increase in porphyrins, resulting in the destruction of P. acnes bacteria.
The green-blue wavelength produces anti-inflammatory results, and effectiveness, promoting a faster chemical reaction, thus healing.

The science behind the treatment! 

Acne Photo Therapy has made tremendous scientific strides in the effective treatment of acne and clearer skin, for young skin care or adult acne. 

Acne-Photo Therapy treatments uses its ability to produce the required photochemical reaction from porphyrin activation to oxygen production. This reliability is based on three controlled parameters - wavelength, and concentration of photons of light.
Propionibacterium, also known as P.acnes bacteria, is a common anaerobic bacteria (lives in a non-oxygen environment)  and is believed to be one of the major causes of pustular and cystic acne.
P.acnes bacteria secrete a pigment known as porphyrin. When stimulated, porphyrin produces a molecule of singlet oxygen within the follicle. This oxygen in turn attacks the P.acnes bacteria destroying it.
The goal of acne photo-therapy therefore, is to stimulate the porphyrin to produce oxygen.
Breaking the Barriers in Acne Clearing!
The treatment is optimized by light therapy for Acne, which raises the temperature inside the follicle affecting a much faster chemical reaction time than what blue light treatments alone generate.
A gentle reduction of inflammation, calms the lesion, and helps soothe the painfulness often associated with acne.

 Eight treatments, 2x a week, 4 weeks.

Acne-IPL Micro Blu-Green Photo Therapy

Eight treatments, 2x a week, 4 weeks.

Clearer skin = Confidence!  

"For a lifetime of healthy skin!"

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Please Note: If you are on any topical or oral medications, it is crucial that you disclose these at the time of treatment(s), to ensure you have the best results possible. For 5 days before professional treatments, you should refrain from using all topical Retin-A, Retinol, AHA, or acid  in the area(s) being treated, as well as Hydroquoinone or other skin lightening or bleaching products.

Acne IPL MicroPhototherapy is FDA approved.
Medical Esthetic facial treatments may require indirect supervision of our Physician, Dr. Lori Welter.


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For reference only: Dermal Dimensions is not a Medical Dermatology or Plastic Surgeons office for the care skin diseases or surgery. We offer Advanced Skin and Facial Care rejuvenation for acne, scarring, aging, and photo-damaged skin. When needed we refer patients to Budge Clinic,   Dr. Nathan Hansen,  Dr. Kelly Hubbard, and Dr. Cort McCaughey. Dr. Robert Young~ Rocky Mountain Dermatology, Dr. Blaine Andersen – Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Casey Isom – Plastic Surgeon.









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