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Enjoy a few of Cache Valleys businesses and support the local economy!

Dedicated to my wonderful clients and associates who have local businesses in Cache Valley Utah.  Our goal is to enhance your life!



    No Worries

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Develope your website yourself in minutes and have it live on the World Wide Web: http://www.pointnclik.com/

Pointnclik.com website builder is the most:

  • Afordable!  Costs only $18.95 a month
  • 500 Pages (who gives you that? )
  • 500 Photos (your own, or use pnc's photo library)
  • Free Tech Support (super friendly- super fast)
  • Free Shopping Cart (most companies charge a lot more for this feature)
  • Free 10 Day Trial (with no hard sales pitch) 
  • ...and much more

This is how this website was built, by myself (and Tech Support :)   Believe me when I tell you I'm not computer savvy. If I can do this, you can. (and your's will be much better!) When I want to make changes, or take a page down, I have control. I don't have to wait for someone else to do it. Great for when I want to introduce a new treatment, or add a new Before/After photo, or run a Seasonal Promotion!

I timed the addition of adding the Pointnclik.com info on this page. It took my 4:38 minutes. 

There is MUCH MORE this website builder can do that is not on my web site. Someday I'll get those videos posted, the shopping cart, etc.  ( lol ~ my husband says when I'm not busy I'll finally have time to promote myself! )  

    TRY IT TODAY!    DON'T DELAY!     FREE TRIAL HERE:   http://www.pointnclik.com/


Sunrise Cyclery | Bike Shop | LoToJa Home | Logan, UtahImage result for star rating photo


Sunrise Cyclery is a cyclists paradise for premium advice, service, top quality bicycles and workmanship!  Our family for many years has had 100% satisfaction with Sunrise Cyclery!  You can feel confident they will treat you honestly and fairly. 

Sunrise Cyclery - where they take pride in your "ride".  

Phone:  435 753 3294  Location: 138 North 100 East, Logan Utah 84321   http://www.sunrisecyclery.net/




For two years we have had our home windows (and window wells...eeek) cleaned, inside and out.  BLUE BRUSH WINDOW CLEANING did a great job! http://BlueBrushCleaning.com   It has rained 5 times on our windows and they have not spotted at all. You will have longer lasting clean windows and they guarantee it! Using a special purified water that repells rain, and leaves no streaks. WOW!  

They were courtous, polite, and fast! Give them a call today and see the world brighter.   KYLE SHELLEY owner (435)994-8702



PetSitting Extraordinaire!

If you need a place for your furry family member while you are gone,  you don't want to "impound" your loved one, so call:

Anet Tidwell 435-213-3704. 

References available.

Specializing in small family animals.

Your pet will not be "board"ed. 

No elephants please.

Pet Rules will be followed.

     A few examples:

  • Growling or hissing never allowed.
  • No howling will be tolerated.
  • Sharing is a must.
  • Dietary guidelines will be followed (most of the time)


doTerra Essential Pure Oils are used every day in Dermal Dimensions Skin Care Clinic Treatments and Therapies.  For clearing the mind, detoxing, antibacterial cleansing, and calming, doTerra's purity is unsurpassed. 

To experience the purest, clinically tested, ingestible, essential oils, oil blends, personal and home products, click here: http://www.mydoterra.com/rx/

Everyone loves this doTerra essential oil blend I created to use in my skin care clinic. So I made this little recipe card for you!

Merry Christmas any time!

John Poppleton is an amzingly local talented artist (Wellsville Utah) with a camera, and paint. He is passionate about creating beauty, interest, and photos that you will not soon forget! 

His work is definately origional!  His work is premium.Quality that lasts, and lasts. 

Contacting John is best done through his email or website:  

email:  sunkistphoto@yahoo.com 



Dan Truman is a personal friend. This is one of my favorite albums. His life has been dedicated to up lifting music!

With seven Diamond Rio albums certified gold or platinum, Dan Truman brings a successful career’s worth of experience into his projects. 

Dan Truman - Diamond Rio

Image result for dan truman diamond rio

Photo taken at Tony Grove Lake, Utah  Son & Father, performing, Oh My Father, Listen here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2UySy-IVHw

Dan Truman also spent the last 10 years as a founding member of the Nashville Tribute Band, a group of Christian (LDS) artists and song writers working successfully in Nashville, who started the band to produce music of their faith. The band has produced three bestselling albums“Joseph: A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet,” “Trek: A Nashville Tribute to the Pioneers,” and “The Work: A Nashville Tribute to the Missionaries.”   

To purchase Diamond Rio Music: https://www.amazon.com/Reason-Diamond-Rio/dp/B002JCYSP0


Lynn's Audio & VideoL

Image result for lynns audio tv utahhttp://www.lynnsaudiovideo.com/ 

1655 North Main, Logan, UT 84341
Phone (435) 752-6564
Hours Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm 
Saturday 10am - 6pm

For over 30 years all our wonderful T.V., Sound Systems, and computer monitors have come from Lynns  AudioVideo! Lynns Audio always gives great service and quality products. 

They are experts in: 

  • home audio / video, home automation, home networking, integration services
  • phone repair and tablet repair.
  • a complete range of custom installation services for home theaters, media rooms, lifestyle rooms, multi-room systems
  • and more...







Serving: Logan Ut, Brigham City Ut, Tremonton Ut, Preson Id, Providence Ut, Millville Ut, Nibley Ut, Hyrum Ut, Wellsville Ut, Mendon Ut, North Logan Ut, Hyde Park Ut, Smithfield Ut, Richmond Ut, Lewiston Ut, Clarkston Ut, Newton Ut, Ogden Ut, Franklin Id

For reference only: This is not a Medical Dermatology office in Logan Utah, for the care skin diseases, or for botox or filler injections. We offer Advanced Skin and Facial Care for acne, aging, and photo-damaged skin.  When needed we refer patients to Budge Clinic,  Dr. Robert Young of Rocky Mountain Dermatology, Dr. Nathan Hansen,  and Dr. Kelly Hubbard