Sun Damage and Cancer
Protect yourself and loved ones.

Beauty and the Beast...the prevention of Skin Cancer is possible.

Even famous people get skin cancer. Hugh Jackman talks about skin cancer, and putting sun protection on kids! After watching the clip, arrow key back to learn more important tips, as found below.

With early prevention of healthy living, most of these deaths can be prevented. The best prevention is taking care of your body. 

One of the best preventions is to study how the many plants and herbs on this earth can help your body, from the inside out, to protect every cell in your body. 

Sun is necessary for proper uptake of many nutrients. It can also cause an un-healthy body to age faster if there is "too much" of a good thing.  

Winter months especially can be harsh. The snow is very reflective...bouncing as much as 30% more rays back onto your skin. Make sure to apply an SPF 30 to all exposed skin. 

One of the most neglected areas are  the ears.  Children, men, and women with short hair should apply sun protection every day to this thin skinned area.

For teens who just have to have that tan:  WATCH THIS ~ Melanoma!

UVA = the rays that penetrate without burning, they cause damage to the dermis, thus 'A' is for Aging.

UVB= the rays that cause more immediate damage, thus 'B' for burning.

Tanning beds. Let's keep this simple. For years as a Master Esthetician  I've called them 'cancer beds', and then I found this cartoon...which is more truthful than funny.  Do not lay in tanning beds. THEY ARE NOT NATURAL LIGHT! After years of being in the skin care field, I can find very little exception for needing to lay in a tanning bed. 

Utah law now reads:   

Rule R392-700:



Whether she was playing sun-kissed Audra Barkley on “The Big Valley” or dripping diamonds as socialite Krystal Carrington on “Dynasty,” Linda Evans epitomized the blonde bombshell to TV fans in the '70s and '80s.

But those suntanned good looks came with a price for the California girl.

“I’ve struggled with my skin because of the damage I did for years lying in the sun,” she says.

Many sun worshippers share her problems, with sun-spots, wrinkles – even skin cancer, like Lina Evans.  "I spent all summer [for years] in the sun thinking there would be no payback – and today there’s a lot of payback. Anyone who likes to lie in the sun, listen. I can tell you that later it will be very difficult for you to get rid of [the effects]. "

Unprotected prologed sun exposure can add to the risk of skin damage, photo damage, and cancer.  A skin care program high in antioxidant skin products and a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, as well as quality vitamin and mineral supplements, will help overall good health and radiant skin.

For more information on skin cancer and how it spreads, this web site from the Mayo Clinic is helpful.  (click on link)

Practice safe sun every day.  Your skin is your largest exposed organ...take care of it!

Know the signs of skin cancer. If you have any doubts, it is best to consult a physician, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon. Have your skin checked professionally for cancer.   

Skin deep truth...cancer can kill. 

Play safe. Use sunscreen.  

For information on Sun Protection click on this link:


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