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HydraFacial MD is an exciting skin facial rejuvenation therapy ~ offering HydroPeel ~ Diamondabrasion ~ LED Intense Light ~ and Lymphatic drainage! Ruth Ann Holloway is the first in the Northern Utah, Logan area, to offer HydraFacial MD.      
note: some offices d  o not offer the entire HydraFacial treatment, please be aware that they do not have the HydraFacial ™ MD machine with all four modalities...only the HydroPeel)  

The HydraFacial MD™ is a technologically advanced treatment.  You'll love the way your skin looks and feels! Non-invasive, non-irritating exfoliation- an alternative to other ablative treatments, for  those needing help with skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, and acne care.



  Marc Edward, Lic. Esthetician
  Marc Edward Skincare
  Voted the Best Facialist in Los Angeles, CA !
  Proud to have been the "go-to" facialist for 2012 Oscar winners!
"Ruth Ann is a Hydrafacial EXPERT and when I got my machine
she gave me expert advice on how to make it the most effective
treatment possible.
I always consult Ruth Ann and and trust her professional opinion;
she is a skincare perfectionist. I appreciate that!
                                                Marc Edward, Esthetician"



What is the value of Hydrafacial M.D.™? 

  • The ability to hydrate AND exfoliate the skin sets the HydraFacial™ apart from all other skin resurfacing procedures.

 The  Hydrafacial M.D.™ is like no other treatment available. Why?

  • Hydrafacial uses serum-based vacuum skin resurfacing technique with patented HydroPeel™ hand piece. Here at Dermal Dimensions Skin Therapy advanced solutions are used for your particular skin care needs - aging, acne, sun damaged, dehydrated, blackheads, ...Hydrafacial to the rescue.
  • Hydrafacial simultaneous exfoliation, extraction, cleansing, and deep hydration.
  • Hydrafacial can be combined with other therapies.
  • Hydrafacial is excellent for skin maintenance.

Marie Osmond Hydrafacial Skin Therapy Testinonial    Dermal Dimensions    Utah         

What results may be expected?

  • May visibly reduce fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Improvements for acne-prone skin; less oily, less breakouts.
  • Refined pores, skin tone & skin texture.
  • Improved under-eye puffiness.
  • Hydrated skin; improved suppleness & elasticity of skin.
  • Helps diminish hyper-pigmentation (melasma / brown spots).

How many HydraFacial™MD treatments are needed ? At Dermal Dimensions your Hydrafacial MD experience will be individualized for you. Here are the basics:

  • Many people report seeing visible skin refinement after just one Hydrafacial skin treatment. 
  • Hydrafacial can be combined with other skin therapies for advanced treatment.
  • A series of Hydrafacial skin treatments bring best results. Your program will be created just for you.
  • New collagen and elastin within the skin begins to show in approximately three weeks after a Hydrafacial skin treatment.
  • After your series, you will want to continue your HydraFacial™ treatments once a month.

 Is the HydraFacial MD™ for all skin types?

  • The HydraFacial™ skin treatment is designed to treat even sensitive skin. Your treatment may include custom-blending of serums for your unique skin condition. 

How long does the Hydrafacial MD™ treatment take? Is there any downtime or pain?

  • The HydraFacial™ treatment is a fast and efficient and takes as little as 30minutes.
  •  There is no discomfort . Most find it relaxing as well as invigorating.
  • Mineral make-up may be applied allowing you to return to your normal activities right after the treatment since there is no downtime .

Beautiful Skin at Any Age:  "I have been a client of Ruth Ann’s for about 10 years and the greatest benefit that I have noticed is the refined texture of my skin. Compliments come from other people. When they find out my real age (60's+) they don’t believe me and say statements like, "You look ten years younger than that!", or " I thought you were about 50!"   To hear this makes my day! " - Pat B., Logan Utah   (Pat is now a client of 20 years, 2015)









  • Patented HydroPeel tip resurfaces skin while simultaneously introducing topically applied serums
  • For melasma, brown spots, wrinkles & fine lines, oily & acne- prone skin.
  • Skin-specifis serums for deep cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, hydrating, antioxidant treatment and more


  • Dry diamond crystal- free abrasion can be combined with wet HydraFacial treatment for deeper abrasion
  • Various crystal-free tips ranging from fine to extra coarse.





  • Red & infrared light (600-1000 nm) combined with HydraFacial to improve the appearance of signs of aging and skin texture
  • Blue light (420 nm) combined with HydraFacial or Levulan® to improve oily or acne-prone skin



  • Small cup for facial lymphatic drainage
  • Large cup for cellulite massage



The HydraFacial MD skin facial treament is customized for you.

  • DermaBuilder™ Peptide Complex (DermaBuilder™): THE new, hot age-refining solution right now! The DermaBuilder™ helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness, skin tone and skin texture.
  • GlySal Acid Peels (GlySal): This special Glycolic Acid & Salicylic Acid blend combines physical & chemical peeling to achieve optimal results. Unlike traditional acid peels, there is little to no downtime involved. Skin is well hydrated, smooth and radiant after the procedure.
  • Activ-4 Skin Solution: Designed for most skin types. It helps to promote the overall health of skin; improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, brown spots, fine lines and uneven skin tone.
  • Beta-HD Skin Solution: This Salicylic Acid based skin solution is specifically designed for acne-prone and oily skin. It softens sebum, dislodges skin debris and aids in less pain for extractions of whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Antiox-6 Skin Solution: Containing Vitamin A, Vitamin E, White Tea Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, the Antiox-6™ is designed for overall antioxdiant protection and deep hydration on most skin types.
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    "For a lifetime of healthy skin!" 

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